• Duration: Minimum 1 Years
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  • UCSI


KR 11549; 07/2015: KR 9514; 06/2019
Accreditation Code: A 11549
Classification: MBA
Subject Area: Business Administration
Course Mode: Full Time
Course Duration: Minimum 1 Year
Course Location: ABChorizon Academy – Istanbul / Turkey
Intakes: January, May and September



The UCSI University MBA programme is specially designed to provide access to higher learning opportunities for both local and international practitioners and professionals. The programme is a practical-based course that incorporates tools, methodologies and frameworks of the Blue Ocean Strategy. The Blue Ocean Strategy provides a systematic approach to making the competition irrelevant. UCSI University is the only Malaysian institution of higher learning to offer a postgraduate programme based on this framework. UCSI University incorporates a diverse and exciting blended learning approach by imparting knowledge through workshops, presentations and case studies. UCSI University’s MBA programme is supported by a team of highly qualified academicians specialising in various sectors and equipped with extensive industry experience.

The scope of studies also includes current developments and debates on business and management topics at both the theoretical and applied levels. Graduate students will be encouraged to conduct theoretical exercises on these topics and their relevance to actual practice, in particular their applicability to small and medium-sized enterprises and industries worldwide. Industrial practitioners and corporate consultants will be featured as speakers during the programme. As a graduate programme, the MBA study promotes life-long learning among learners to prepare them for international employment opportunities, future career development and further research and study anywhere in the world.

Program Details

UCSI University’s MBA is a one-year programme with a trimester offering. Those who do not fulfill the requirement of minimum two years relevant work experience will need to undertake the compulsory cooperative placement. Each semester lasts 14 weeks.

  • Classes are conducted on weekdays in the evening and daytime for weekends.

Teaching and learning

The dynamic learning process involves various methods. Teaching and learning approaches may include lectures, case analysis, individual or group assignments, examinations, guest speakers, presentations, and seminars. In addition, small class sizes create a collaborative and highly interpersonal environment for the students.

Special Package for UCSI University Staff and Students

  • UCSI University Staff can opt for EESS scheme or discounted fees currently on offer.
  • UCSI University Students – 10% discount on fees.

Entry Requirements

Academic Qualifications Other Requirements
A bachelor’s degree with minimum CGPA of 2.50 or equivalent. NIL
A recognized bachelor’s degree with CGPA below 2.50 or equivalent. Minimum of 5 years working experience in relevant field.

Courses Offered

Semester 1
(15 credit hours)
Semester 2
(12 credit hours)
Semester 3
(13 credit hours)
Financial Accounting and Analysis Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility Financial Management and Policy
Information Technology for Managers International Business and Management Operations and Logistics Management
Marketing Management Business Policy and Strategic Management Master Coursework Project
Human Resource Management Research Planning  
Research Methods for Business and Management    

Plus one elective course chosen from the list below:

  • Blue Ocean Strategy
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Import and Export Management

Students should note that not all elective courses will be offered in the semester.